Arizona Hikes

  • Baldwin Loop A loop hike with great views of Cathedral Rock
  • Chimney Rock  One of our favorites.  Loop hike that brings you up to the base of Chimney Rock with great views across Sedona.
  • Cibola Pass  A great loop hike that brings you to the Devil’s Kitchen and the Seven Sacred Pools.  Great scenery the whole way.
  • Fay Canyon  This is a great hike for a hot day.  This has more shade.  This is an out and back hike.  Make sure to take the side path that leads to an arch.
  • Scheurman Mountain A short hike located just behind the school.  Perfect for a sunset hike.
  • Slate Mountain– Follow the link to our blog about this hike.  This mountain is located above Flagstaff, AZ.  This 4.4 mile out and back hike brings you up a little over 800 feet.  The location is perfect for views of the San Francisco peaks.  We timed our visit just right before any major snow fell.  GPS Route
  • Thumb Butte  This is a great little hike located in Prescott, AZ.  We hiked to just below the summit. The climb to the very top is quite a scramble.   This hike was less than 2.5 miles (including the side path to the base of the summit) and over 700 feet of elevation.  We did this as a loop hike in a counter-clockwise direction.  We hiked down the steep section that is paved.
  • Vulture Peak – Follow the link to our blog about this hike.  This is a hike to a saddle of a prominent peak near Wickenburg.  The hike starts at BLM land on the Vulture Mine Road.  If you have a 4-wheeler or high clearance vehicle you can drive the ATV route up to the upper parking lot, decreasing the hike from 2 miles each way down to about .5-.7 miles each way.  We got a little side tracked on the way in and way out finding the “hiking trail” vs. the ATV trail but it didn’t seem to add on a lot of mileage.  The hiking trail seems to be more scenic, bringing you through a big stand of Saguaro.  GPS route  Photos of Vulture Peak hike
  • West Fork Trail- We hiked about 8 miles out and back with over 1600 feet of elevation.  This Sedona hike is not your typical red rock hike- it is a forested hike with MANY stream crossings.  There is an additional $10 fee to park here, even if you have a National Park Pass.  GPS Route