California- I-395 Eastern Sierras

  • Fern Lake  Wow, this was a great hike.  We read about it in the 2015 fall edition of Sunrise Magazine about traveling I-395. We are really glad we took their advice and did this hike.  It was a pretty steep ascent over switchbacks but the view at the top was awesome.  I would highly recommend this hike if you are in the June Lake area in California.
  • Lone Pine Lake  The trail to this hike is the same trail you would use to hike to Mt. Whitney.  The area from Whitney Portal to the lake is dog friendly.  The hike is an easy one with switchbacks the whole way.  The footing is excellent. The hike has very little shade so keep that in mind if you or your dog gets overheated easily.  There are some great bristle cone pines that can be seen along the hike and at the lake.  We have an even greater appreciation for these trees after spending a day hiking in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.