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A Data Diet

This last week we have really tried to slow things down knowing we are going to be here in Palm Springs until January 12th.  It has actually been really nice to not run off site seeing every day.  The weather … Continue reading

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Big Split Rock Canyon

Gizmo has informed us he’s done with mountains and has moved on to hiking slot canyons.

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Painted Canyon- Ladder Loop Trail

The goal for yesterday was to take a tour of the Oasis Date Gardens followed by a tour of the  International banana museum.  We had looked up the date farm on line and it said they offered tours at 1030 … Continue reading

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Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain

This week we ventured out to the Salton Sea.  I really knew nothing about this area until we arrived in California so we did some online reading to learn more about it before visiting. The Salton Sea region was part … Continue reading

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Cooking on the Go- short update

We have just added a new item to our on the go cooking arsenal, the “Fasta Pasta“.  This is a great device for cooking up pasta in the microwave.  It saves the hassle of hauling out pots and pans and … Continue reading

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Learning to Take it Slow

One month out and I have not mastered the art of “taking it slow”.  On September 30th I worked my last full time shift at a place I had worked for nearly 30 years.  On October 1, just 12 hours … Continue reading

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Cooking Cross Country

Cooking on the go can be a bit of a challenge.  Our RV is equipped with a Sharp Microwave Convection oven and a 3 burner propane stove.  I was very hesitant about the RV not having a propane oven.  Our … Continue reading

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One month- What we have learned…

This is definitely a new experience for both John and I.  We are really glad we both had years of camping under our belts before we started this adventure.  That really helped us figure out what we wanted in an … Continue reading

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A Hike on the Mt Whitney Trail

view back towards Lone Pine and the Inyo Mountains John and I would love to hike to Mt. Whitney on a future visit. 22 miles round trip with over 6000 feet of elevation. Trails are excellent Snack break for Gizmo … Continue reading

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A Walk Among the Ancients

On Saturday we made the decision to go to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.  We had almost decided against it because we were not sure we were up to another long ride with 6000 feet of elevation.  I am really … Continue reading

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