Cooking Cross Country

Cooking on the go can be a bit of a challenge.  Our RV is equipped with a Sharp Microwave Convection oven and a 3 burner propane stove.  I was very hesitant about the RV not having a propane oven.  Our travel trailer had a propane oven that I used all of the time.  The trade off for not having an oven is a great deal more storage space.  Storage space is very important when you are traveling full time. John and I never eat out so having good home cooked meals is very important to us.  I made it my mission to learn how to cook in the microwave convection oven. I found a 4-part Youtube series on using the Sharp Microwave/convection oven that was very well done. So far I have mastered the convection part.  Convection is great for cooking items that take less than 20 minutes.  I have also mastered the “low mix” setting.  This is great for cooking cakes and breads.  I still have a ways to go with cooking on the “high mix” setting and cooking meats.  We have found the “broil” setting great for grilling up meats in the oven.  

In addition to the micro/convection and propane stove that came with the RV we brought some of our favorite kitchen items with us.  Below is a list of the things that made it on the list to make the journey with us.

Keurig- We brought along our small Keurig brewer.  This has been a part of our camp kitchen for the past 3 years.  We were very well stocked on k-cups when we made the decision to go on this trip.  We packed up about 3-months of k-cups to bring along with us.  One thing we found out is they do not like going up and down mountain passes repeatedly.  We had a few where the seams around the top got loosened and we ended up with some cups of coffee with grounds in them.  I would estimate 5-10% of the k-cups were damaged.

Instant Pot– This is a great device that can be used in multiple different ways.  It is a pressure cooker/rice maker/slow cooker all in one, which means we don’t have to bring along multiple devices.  The pressure cooker mode is a great way to cook meat fast and have it come out juicy and tender.  This machine makes the best cheesecake I have ever tasted.  I even brought along my small cheesecake pan that fits inside of it.

Cuisinart grill/griddle–  This is another multi purpose device.  It can be opened up and used as a griddle to cook pancakes or eggs.  It can be used as a grill to cook up meat or to make panninis.  We purchased the waffle plates to go in this.  These are a great addition to this device and they make big fluffy waffles.

Induction plate- When you are hooked to 50 amp power and it’s included in the cost of your site, why burn propane.  We found a great deal on this at Sam’s Club and it came with pots and pans (you need specific ones for induction burners).  This device has settings from “slow cooking” to super hot.  I love that the burner is only on when the pot or pan is in place.  In addition to saving our propane there is less heat generated by this than there is with the propane burner.  This is important when you are camping in warmer climates.

Cookware for the Microwave Convection- we purchased silicone bakeware for cooking in this.  They withstand the heat of the oven and do not react when microwaved like metal would.  They are lighter and shatter proof so they were a better option for us than glass

Oster boiled egg maker-  I love hard boiled eggs and this device is so simple to use.  It’s pretty compact so it made the list.

Toaster- self explanatory- who can go without toast

Collapsible bowls and measuring cups- it’s all about saving space.

Can opener– We purchased the “Tornado” battery operated can opener.  It sure beats using a crank one, plus it’s just fun to watch.  It does as good a job as our plug in can opener at home and even cuts with “no sharp edges”.  It’s pretty compact and fits in the utensils drawer

Hand mixer- electric

Luxury items:

Zester–  I love using fresh fruit zest when cooking

small juicer- You have to juice the fruit once you zest it, right? This is a small 1 ounce juicer from Joie.

Muddler- Must have item for making fresh mojitos.  We are staying in citrus country…

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I just "pre-tired" from my job of over 30 years as a nurse. John, my husband and Gizmo and Sierra our Shih Tzus are embarking on our 3rd cross country RV adventure. We are searching for awesome dog friendly hikes and adventures
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