Gizmo was born 9/25/2006.  We are his second parents, adopting him from the shelter in 2010.  His life of adventure started in June 2010. His first big adventure was to hike all the 4000 footers of NH.  No small feat for a 15 pound Shih Tzu. There are 48 peaks in NH 0ver 4000 feet some are over 20 miles round trip.


Finishing the 48 4000 footers on Mt. Adams


Official membership letter

Once this challenge was complete he moved on to the NH fire towers and the Belknap mountains in NH. He now has a hiking harness full of patches. img_7756Gizmo’s other passions are camping, shopping and exploring new places with his humans


The Gizmocam- Mom and dad aren’t the only photographers in the family