New Orleans- Green Beer and Beignets

We arrived in Louisiana yesterday for a short 2-night stay. We were not sure if we just wanted to rest between two driving days or spend the day exploring New Orleans.  John and I had been to New Orleans once before but it was a long time ago.  This morning we decided we would drive into the city and spend a few hours walking around.  One of the things we wanted to do was drive across Lake Pontchartrain on the causeway.  The bridge that crosses the lake is 24 miles long and is the longest bridge over water in the world.  It has two spans, one south and one north. The first span was completed in 1956 and the second in 1969. The spans are supported by over 9000 pilings  There is a $3 toll for cars going south but not on the return north.  This was a great way to get from our campground up near the I-12 down to the city.  Once you are on the bridge it is clear sailing for 24 miles with beautiful water views all around you. Continue reading

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Tombstone Arizona

We picked the perfect day to visit Tombstone, Arizona. It was a windy day and this only added to the ambience of the town. The wind was whipping up the old dirt Main Street and made it feel like we walking through an old western movie set. Continue reading

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City of Rocks State Park

We have traveled for about 12 months total in the last 1.5 years and I am learning more and more what kind of camping I like.  John and I loved tent camping, in fact we still do, but I couldn’t tent camp for all this time.  I don’t mind a few nights without hookups (electric, water and sewer) but I must say I like being hooked up and not worrying about power and holding tanks.  I have found a few things I don’t like too.  I don’t like HUGE RV parks where you need to drive the car just to get from one end to the other.  I don’t like crowds.  I don’t like camping in the city where I hear lots of city noise, but I do like being close enough to one for outings and supplies.

City of Rocks- Day 1img_6517 Continue reading

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Saguaros and Spanish Missions- All Dog Friendly

Do you want to hike in Tucson among Saguaros with your dog?  Saguaro National Park is beautiful but you will be limited to viewing the Saguaros from your car and 2 very short paved trails.  Today was a great day.  We got to hike with Gizmo on dog friendly trails through Saguaros with a jagged mountain backdrop. dsc_0239  Continue reading

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Acadia National Park- 5 of our favorite hikes

This past November while hiking Vulture Peak we struck up a conversation with another hiker we met on the trail.  She and many of her friends are planning a trip to Acadia National Park.  She asked us if we would send her an email with our favorite hikes.  It took John and I a while to settle on our favorites but we wrote them down and mailed them off to her.  I decided I should share this information on my blog in case others are planning a trip to Acadia in the near future.

Continue reading

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Yuma- Mexico, Hiking and Prison


This is our first trip to Yuma, Arizona.  In our 2 years of traveling in the west we have heard lots of people talk about going to Yuma, so we figured we would stop for a few nights on our way to Tucson.  Our first campsite is actually in Winterhaven, CA right on the border with Arizona.  One important thing to know if you are staying here is that it is on “Arizona time” as is Los Algodones, Mexico.

The first thing we had planned was a trip to Mexico.  Everyone who talks about Yuma talks about crossing over to Los Algodones, Mexico.  The attraction to this area of Mexico is inexpensive dental work, prescription eyeglasses and prescription medications. Our plan was to get dental cleanings and a new pair of prescription sunglasses.

We started our day off early by dropping Gizmo off at Uptown Pet Spa in Yuma.  We then headed to the Quechan Parking Lot (actually in California).  It costs $6 to park your car right at the border crossing.  Once you are parked you simply walk across the border to Mexico.  This is not Cancun or Playa Del Carmen, this location is really all about dental work, eyeglasses and pharmacies.  The first thing you will see as you cross the border is the Purple Pharmacy.  There are signs out everywhere letting you know the price on commonly prescribed medications.img_5828   Continue reading

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The End of the Journey West and the Beginning of the Journey East

On Valentines we will begin our slow (2.5 months) journey east.  We will have been on the road for 134 nights by the time we leave on Tuesday.  This past week I think we “hit the wall” and we haven’t left the campground in 3 days.  We have had a blast touring the U.S. and seeing all the sights.  We decided we would take some time to rest up before we start moving east.  This stay in Pio Pico is our last 3-week stay of the journey.  Once we start moving east we will move every 2-7 days.  This has been one of our favorite campgrounds.  The first 2 weeks we loved the campground for it’s close proximity to San Diego.  This last week we have appreciated the location itself.  The campground is one of the few we stay at where you can literally walk out of your RV and start hiking right from the park.

This morning we woke to overcast skies and a light mist and decided it was a perfect day to hike with Gizmo.  The overcast skies meant he would not be “baking” on the shadeless trails.  This time we hiked right out through the back of the south end of the campground.  The clouds and fog were hanging low in the valley creating an other worldly atmosphere.img_5709  Continue reading

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