Dinosaurs in the Desert and Robots in the City

We spent 4 months in Palm Springs last year and somehow we missed two really great adventures, Robolights and the metal sculptures in Borrego Springs.  They are both definitely worth seeing.

The metal sculptures of Borrego Springs takes about 4 hours if you try to see most of them.img_7402 There are 130 sculptures located on the Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs.  The full size steel welded sculptures were created by Ricardo Breceda.  The bulk of the sculptures are of prehistoric creatures that once roamed here.img_7426  In addition to the dinosaurs and sabertooth tigers there are many other more recent creatures like wild horses,dsc_0136 a grasshopper and scorpion, dsc_0017a gold prospector dsc_0058and a padre with his dog.  dsc_0044The desert landscape with the backdrop of mountains is the perfect setting for these sculptures.  The sculptures are located on the Borrego Springs road on both sides of the roundabout.  You can drive off the road to most of them through very hard packed desert sand.  The sculptures look as if the creatures are in motion, in particular the dinosaurs.  John and I had a blast “posing” with the sculptures and just hamming it up.




Dances with Dinosaurs

The next adventure is Robolights, but you need to be here during the Christmas season to take this one in. img_4130 This is not your typical holiday light display. The creator, Kenny Irwin, has spent the last 30 years creating this exhibit on his 4 acre estate in Palm Springs.  He built this display with almost a kiloton of “junk” that would have ended up in landfills.


Look Close- It’s made out of electrical cords


You have to look close to see what they are built out of



Not sure what to even say about this one!

You feel as if you  have been transported to a magical  world as you walk through the meandering paths past large robots and displays.  There are over 7 million lights and it is the largest residential light display in the U.S.  I think what struck me more than the lights is the bright colors of pinks and yellows and whites.


Look at all those colors- even Gizmo got to enjoy it with us


Pinks, Yellows, Oranges….So much eye candy!

I was really glad that we visited the display when it opened at 4 p.m. so we could enjoy the richness of the colors before sunset.  It took about 45 minutes to walk through the display so we were able to enjoy the lights as well once it got dark.


Lights are coming on- check out that bicycle fence

img_4193There is no entrance fee, but donations are gladly accepted.  img_4120



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I just "pre-tired" from my job of over 30 years as a nurse. John, my husband and Gizmo and Sierra our Shih Tzus are embarking on our 3rd cross country RV adventure. We are searching for awesome dog friendly hikes and adventures
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